Expat Psychologist

Hans Schuurman specialized in working with expats speaking English and German


Not alone any longer ...
For all of us, there are times when we could do with some help. Help in finding new perspective, in learning how to cope, in regaining control over our own lives. We can work our way around  many of the obstacles we face in life alone or with a little help from family and friends. But not all of them.

Some problems and questions in life leave you solitary. And no matter how much effort you put into ‘fixing this’, you cannot do it alone. And you don’t have to. I offer dedicated guidance in therapy and coaching. From now on, you’re not alone anymore.

Professional psychological help, and personal involvement
I have a university degree in psychology and psychotherapy and, with more than twentyeith  years in the field of healthcare, I can honestly say that I a experienced therapist. I am registered with a number of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists, the Dutch Society of Couple and Family Therapy and the Dutch Assciation of Analytical (Jungian) Psychology as aspirant member.  And I work in accordance with the proficiency requirements and professional codes of those organizations.

Don’t hesitate
My advice to you right now is tocall me or send me an email. This is the fastest and most effective way of finding out how we can help you.

Don’t worry about feeling awkward, having trouble formulating your questions or sounding ‘vague’. My job and responsibility is to identify, define and describe your situation. The feelings of discomfort that you’re experiencing right now are reason enough for you to get in touch with me.

If you would like to know more about certain problems and treatments, here are some informative pages that will hopefully supply you with the information you need. But again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

  • relationship problems,
  • anxiety symptoms,
  • feeling depressed,
  • insomnia, fatigue, burnout
  • difficulty dealing with bereavement,
  • a traumatic experience,
  • entering a new phase in your life

Personal, professional and dedicated
I am here for you. In other words, I am truly concerned, and interested. This is not simply ‘a job’ to me. I care about your well-being; it is important to me. This is why my work is not aimed at ‘patching you up’, but at actually resolving your problems, helping you grow and giving you the tools you need to cope in the future.

I hope that you have found the information that you were looking for. Do you have further questions or would you like to know whether I  can help you? Phone me for an appointment or send an email.

About myself

Once upon a time…
It all started with stories. As a young boy, I wanted to become a minister. Not so much because of the work, but because of the stories surrounding it. They fascinated me. Just like fairytales, legends and fables did. Looking back, it all made sense…

I planned to study psychology after my secondary school education. However, because of my preparatory training, I couldn’t immediately enroll in university. So, I combined nursing with a hopscotch jump into university via a college.

Study, study, study
Ah yes, Amsterdam. To tell you the truth, the city and all the students scared me a bit. These were, to say the least, crazy student days. And yet, I felt right at home with the subject matter. I enthusiastically worked through all the books, lectures and classes. With every insight I gained, I desired more. And that has stayed the same to this day.

Jungian psychology
I’m especially interested in Jungian psychology. So much so, that I do a lot of my work according to this method. I also travel to Zurich to study at the institute there. Part of my studies, and my work, deals with archetypes – these are symbols, models and images that represent the inner life. Like in fairytales, legends and fables, for example.

Lief and Vonk
I’d also like to introduce you to Lief and  Vonk. Most of my clients say that Lief and Vonk relaxes them, that Lief and Vonk makes the therapy feel safer and more trustworthy. Lief and Vonk help. Lief and Vonk are my dogs.

What I’d also like you to know
In my work, I aim for deep, positive growth – no short-term ‘patch-ups’. For this, we need time and we need to put effort into it. Without making it unnecessarily hard, but with attention and a view on the difficult topics. My therapy starts with your captive potential. Perhaps you can’t imagine this yet, but I know for sure that you’re going to surprise yourself.

Others about Hans

 "I had been struggling with the fact that I had been visiting prostitutes for most of my life, while I had tried to stop many times. I felt bad about my behaviour for different reasons. I thought it was exploiting the women, I was worried that it was draining money that I could be spending on other things. But most of all I was unhappy because it was making it impossible for me to form deep trusting relationships with women. It was preventing me from having a healthy loving relationship. In a very short space of time Hans helped me to identify the reason I was visiting prostitutes. He helped me to realise that circumstances in my past were leading me to act in this way in the present. He did this through intense but gentle conversation, and by guiding me towards books that were relevant to help me understand my situation. As this process went on, I felt as though the final piece of a puzzle had fallen into place and I was able to move forward. Since my sessions with Hans my interest in sex has not gone away. But I no longer feel any desire to meet my sexual needs through prostitution - and that behaviour has completely stopped. I can recommend Hans to anyone struggling with similar issues". Richard (50)

"I was not happy in life, nothing seemed to go right. I hit a wall with my work, health, relationship, and above all myself. I clearly could not get me out of this myself and neither could my family and friends. I found Hans thru the ‘roze hulpverlening’ website. Already during the first appointment he made me feel comfortable together with the two sweetest dogs Lief and Vonk. I have worked with Hans for a little over one year on a weekly basis. It always felt like arriving in a ‘safe haven’ where I could hide, be safe and clear things up again. Hans was able to reach my deepest emotions and issues that I thought I already had dealt with. Issues varied from my acceptance of being gay to accepting my HIV positive status. I had lost my career and thru that my identity. I had issues with an addictive partner and uncertain future in my job. On top of it I was dealing with health issues. It felt to me like all was pushed in a funnel and got stuck in the narrow end. By creating a very relaxed and trusting atmosphere I could really be myself and really let all emotions go. Hans suggested several interesting reading material which helped me a lot, but also by drawing my emotions I could reach within myself and express. Hans is able to dig right to that point which is in need of help at the time, which many times surprised me but was extremely helpful. Emotional and difficult at times, but every time I walked away from the sessions I felt somewhat enlightened. On the other hand we have laughed as well, which was a great balance. I am a new stronger and happier version of myself. I thank this to Hans. Setbacks and emotions are part of life, but Hans helped me to deal with them. I notice the stronger me in my work, in my social life, but above all within myself. I highly recommend Hans to anybody who is in need of help. His knowledge, skills, techniques and his warm and caring personality are exactly what I needed at the time. Hans, I am highly grateful to have worked with you!" Chris (39)

 "It was, what I would call, a light spring depression that just went on and did not go away. A relative minor problem in my personal life had an unreasonably strong impact on my mood. It was difficult to pinpoint why. Then it dawned on me that it would be good and a relief to get some help and some outside reflection on my personal struggles. The conversations with Hans were very pleasant and useful. I became more relaxed, and after a handful of sessions I felt much better and I was able to enjoy the rest of spring and life again". Gijs (47)

 "My therapy with Hans lasted approximately one year. The reason why I initially asked for his help was a tough time I had after the end of a long relationship with my girlfriend. While it started after this specific event, it is clear to me that the therapy brought me not only to recover from the initial event, but also led me to look at myself with increased awareness and neutral self-reflection. I was impressed with Hans' ability to gather a complete understanding of the situation and to appropriately guide me in my recovery. It has been a slow but meaningful process through which I understood myself as well as some key concepts like animus/anima, the shadow and read some interesting books under his suggestions. Discussing my readings and interpreting my dreams have also been an important part of the therapy. My weekly interaction with Hans taught me about myself as a person and as a professional in my career. In fact, I found some sessions to be extremely helpful for my professional objectives. I managed to take onboard many of the advices Hans gave me in order to keep growing and progressing in my career. The experience has been meaningful and helped me a lot. For these reasons I would highly recommend Hans without reservation." (Roberto, 36, Italian)

If you have questions or would like to know whether I can help, call me or email me for an appointment.